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  1. Be Accountable- be on time, do your job, know your stuff and be attentive. 

  2. The Details ALWAYS Matter! Focus on the purpose of what we do and what is our TEAM plan. 

  3. 3 P’s-We want athletes that are Passionate, Prepared and ready to Perform.


  5. Character ALWAYS MATTERS!

  6. Manage Expectations.

  7. Always Be Caring, Understanding and Accepting of All Team Members.

  8. Speak For Yourself.

  9. Don’t Hit Send.....Make good decisions on social media.

  10.  Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!

  11. Be the epitome of Grit!

  12. Put the TEAM FIRST!


DO YOUR JOB: Understand your responsibilities and do them. Get better at them constantly and don’t worry about what the person next to you is doing


WORK HARD: It is a learned and practiced behavior


BE ATTENTIVE: when you are there pay attention.


PUT THE TEAM FIRST: it is not about stats or MVP trophies, it is about winning championships. If you look historically at teams that had record breaking stats or an MVP most did not win the championship. 


MANAGE EXPECTATIONS: What do you expect from yourself and others and make sure you live up to your end


DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE: Whether it is good or bad you need to ignore it and prepare the same way. 



IGNORE THE NOISE: when the team does great, people will tell you how wonderful you are, when you lose it is how bad you are. Understand where you are and don’t listen to what everyone else has to say.


SPEAK FOR YOURSELF: If someone asks how someone else is, tell them to ask that person. 

1)  If you don’t want to win, you don’t have to be here

2)  Leaders don’t talk about leadership, they let their attitudes boost others

3)  Mental Toughness. Do the right thing for the team even when everything isn’t perfect for you.

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