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Alex has been a parent and supporter of our program since 2015.  Now that his daughters have graduated he has the time and flexibility to help out the program.  

Alex has 15 years of experience coaching at the Middle School level and an additional 5 years of experience coaching Girls Basketball at Tucson High School.  He coached multiple Junior High Championships.  His strengths are in educating/emphasizing the fundamentals at all levels, providing creative workouts, improving the athleticism of athletes, scouting, gathering and analyzing stats. 

He is passionate about Salpointe Lancer basketball and genuinely wants the program to be one of the best in the state.  He will work with all levels and he will improve our social media, communication, and other program aspects. We are lucky to have someone with his passion and commitment to continue strengthening our staff.






PHONE: 520-471-2628
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